Thursday, 5 February 2015

Some Winter Photos...

All aboard!

Liam on his way to school--in a snowsuit!

Grace with her doudou

Liam all bundled up.

Grace and her "friends"

Our beautiful Liam

Two little munchkins

Sunday, 4 January 2015


A free ride on Thomas!

Decorating the Christmas tree for the first time.

A big smile and wearing her home-made star hat.

Twas the night before Christmas.

Trying on new slippers from Santa.

Best part of Christmas--unwrapping!

Nice smiles

And an even bigger one from Liam.

Two little chefs

A visit from Dave.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Grace is 2 Years Old!

Playing in a ball pit. 

The birthday girl!

New Things I Can Do:  I can say Liam's name like this:"Iam" instead of just "E".  I like walking up and down the stairs only holding onto your hand.  I can put my winter boots on by myself.  I can undress myself at night. 

Things I Like Saying:  I like talking a lot when my two fingers aren't in my mouth.  "Ready, Go and That way" remain favourites.  "Come", "Get", "Georgie", "Baby."  I always tell Mommy and Daddy what I would like.

Things That Make Me Laugh:  Playing in the washroom with Liam; Telling jokes to Liam and Liam laughing back.  Daddy putting on a puppet show for me. 

Some Favourites:  I like going to the cafĂ© and eating my snack next to the fish tank.  I like going doing the arts and crafts at the playgroups.  I like rhyme time at the library.  I like feeding Georgie and stripping off her clothes. 

Excited, opening one of my presents.

"Oh, it's a train!"

Birthday wishes from Canada.

I did it--I blew out my candles!

A family portrait.

I'm sitting on my new rug.

And hiding in a tent with Liam.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Grace is 23 Months!

My first blanket and pillow.
New Things I Can Do: I'm trying to walk up and down the stairs standing up.  I can go for long walks without a buggy (like walking around Windsor without one).  I can hold onto a noodle in a pool and float by myself.  I like to draw and can draw some nice squiggles on paper. 

Things I Like Saying:  Eddie and George--Liam's classmates.  I like finishing the lines in Dr. Seuss books. 

Things That Make Me Laugh:  Telling my family to "wait!" and then "go!"  

Some Favourites:  My favourite song is Row, row, row the boat.  I can sing it and you'll hear me say "croc"  and "ahh!"  I like putting Liam, Daddy and Mommy into their places in the room before bedtime hugs.  I love swimming and playing with Little People's house. 

Baking pumkin muffins.

Outside Windsor Castle with Daddy and Liam.

At a park in Windsor.

I think it's a maple leaf?

Searching for leaves to muck around in.

Perplexed about a bit of dirt on my hand.

I've got the puck.  Playing hockey with golf clubs.

Enjoying reading some of Liam's books.

Tea for two.


Thursday, 2 October 2014

Grace is 22 Months!


New Things I Can Do:  I love counting and can count consistently to six.  I then like skipping some numbers and saying 8, 10!  I walk my brother to school and back, no problem.  I'm wearing pyjamas to bed now.  I like trying to do things all by myself  (put on my shoes, buckle my belt on my buggy, take off my coat, wash my cup, etc). 

Things I Like Saying:  I like copying Liam; he gets me to repeat after him.  I wind my Daddy up by calling him "Paul."  I'm starting to call him Daddy now instead of Dada. 

Things That Make Me Laugh:  Liam makes me laugh by pouring water over me in the bath.  I keep saying "gain" for again. 

Some Favourites:   I love role-playing with Teddy, Lion, Dolly and Big Mouse.  I have them all watch me get my nappy changed.  I also line them up with stories in front of them.  I put bibs on them and pretend to feed them.  I like drawing.  I'm a real Mommy's girl at the moment.  I love waving at buses and pointing to cranes when I see them.  I love copying everything Liam does and have started to try to climb up (with the help of a stool) onto everything!  I like it when Daddy sings me songs from books.

Enjoying the park with Liam.

Dolly and Teddy reading their stories.

Getting Dolly ready to go outside.

Just chillin' on the picnic table.

Drawing a picture.

My first pyjamas.

Water painting with Liam.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Liam is 3 and a half years old!

New Things I Can Do:  I go into the pool for my swimming lessons by myself now.  I've also started school (Nursery) and am trying to be more independent.  I can zoom around on my scooter or balance bike.  I can build my trains sets all by myself now.  I can write my name and read some simple words. 

Favourite Animal: Not a fan of animals...I will sometimes tolerate cats and will stroke them.

Friends that I see often:  Oliver, Jan, Robert.

Foods I Like:  I still love liver pate on crackers.  I've really turned a corner with my eating and will now try lots of things.  I loved cooked sausages on the barbecue and falafal.  I love my fruit--melon, grapes, blueberries. 

Favourite Hobbies:  I love going to football club on Sunday mornings.  I've completed my Bookstart library card and I still love going to the library.  I love playing in parks and can climb up to the big slide at Moneyhole Park.  I like going for family bike rides, sitting on the back of Mommy or Daddy's bikes.  I still love kicking balls and playing cricket.  I've started to play hockey inside the house.  I love watching the car wash at Morrison's and will stand there for a very long time until a car shows up.  I'm also a huge fans of diggers and love inspecting the mechanics of how it all works.  I'm still as pernickety as usual--and often inspect my feet, making sure that they are all clean of fluff. 

Playing tennis

Making and playing with gloop

My first school bag

Grace saying "Goal!" after kicking the ball between my legs.

With Tom ball

Proud of my washdown that I built.

My first day of school.

I loved, loved, loved playing with this digger at Hatfield House.
Enjoying stories being read by Daddy.
Here's the Gingerbread Man that I baked at school.

Cleaning my feet.