Thursday, 3 April 2014

Grace is 16 Months!

New Things I Can Do: I'm walking everywhere now! (And I love my new purple shoes)!  I'm not very good at stopping though and I like being chased.  I sometimes point to my bottom when I've done a poo.  I love playing with the Little People toy bus and airplane. I can make the animal noises for cats, dogs, cows, chickens, lions/tigers.  I still enjoy bird watching and now point to planes as well.  I received my bronze badge in swimming.   I enjoy going down slides--most often, head first!

New Things I Can Say:  I can say "good girl", "up" and "Do" for my Doudou.  I also enjoy screeching at the top of my lungs.

Things That Make Me Laugh:   Pretending to "kick" Daddy on the swing; Playing "Round and round the garden"; Playing "Peek a boo."

Things that I Enjoy Eating:  I'm a little fusspot at the moment.  The only fruit I eat are blueberries!

Playing on the slide in the backyard.

Bath time.

Being a cheeky monkey and trying to climb everything.

All ready for story time.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Trent Park

Liam at 3.

Grace, 15 and a half months

Trying not to squish the daffodils.

Liam, Mommy and Grace.

Big Smiles

Liam and Grace with the spring flowers.

Amazing that they both kept still!

Teddy Bear Picnic.

Grace munching on one of the few foods she'll eat--rice cakes!

Liam impressed by the stick he's found.
Grace is getting a lot heavier to hold.

Family picnic at Trent Park.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Liam is 3!

Celebrating Liam's last day as a 2 year old at the Beefeater.

New Things I Can Do:  I can recite almost all the nursery rhymes.  I'm able to go for long walks and have just started to master a scooter.  I'm able to write my name and I love drawing.  I can read some simple words and love sounding out all the letters that I see.  I'm starting to dress myself and can go to the toilet.  I'm very sensible when I'm out and always stay close to Mommy.  I'm quiet when you first meet me but am very talkative at home.  I love doing puzzles and can take turns at games.   I can jump through hoops in the pool and can swim on my own with a noodle.  I love pushing off the side and pretending to blast off like a rocket. 

Favourite Animal:  I'm not really into animals but I don't mind watching ducks or petting some cats like Timmy (or calling out for Jack and Harry).

Friends I See Often:  Oliver, Robert, Amy.

Foods I Like:  Wraps!  Filled with hummous or liver pate.  I love my fruit--strawberries and blueberries in particular.

Favourite Hobbies:  I like visiting my library and going to Dance class.  I love playing in the park and sliding down the fireman pole.  I love listening to stories and playing with my trains on my railway.  I love Thomas the Tank Engine and everything associated with it.  I like helping Mommy with the baking and playing football with Daddy and Grace.  I enjoy going for my weekly swimming lesson. 

How I Celebrated My Third Birthday:  The weekend before my birthday, Daddy surprised me by driving me to the Island of Sodor.  A Thomas Day-Out was a fantastic birthday treat!   On my actual birthday, it was a very warm, Spring Day.  We went to Oakhill Park to play before having lunch at Nana's and Poppa's.  Millie came over too for the celebration.  Nana set up a lovely feast and I had a bagel with cream cheese, some yellow and red peppers and strawberries and blueberries.  For a special treat, I requested a chocolate cake.  Mommy made a chocolate and salted caramel cake.  It was delicious!  Afterwards, my whole family went outside to play football with me.  I got to play with my trains too, so it really was a perfect day for me.

Having a snack by the park.

Liam riding the Roundabout.

Liam on a see-saw.

Liam requested a chocolate cake.

He loved his surprises.

Reading all about Harold.

Grace interested in the puzzle too.

Ah, Emily!

Now...I just need to practise with my balance bike.

Liam's birthday balloon.

And Grace's balloon.

The birthday boy with his Daddy, sister and Nana and Poppa.

Mommy, Daddy, Grace, Liam and Millie.

Waiting for his slice.

Liam, of course, loved it.

Liam loving his cake and Grace, her muffin.

Perfect weather to play football outdoors.

Liam with his Uncle Jamie.

Liam at 3.
A healthy spread to balance all the chocolate.

Reading his train book.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Thomas Day Out

Liam meeting Duck, the train.

Daddy and Liam with Thomas.

Having a snack break in Knapford station.

Riding on Duck.

Nice and warm inside the train.

A bit shell-shocked about visiting the Island of Sodor.

First class carriage

Grace was equally mesmerised.

Practising his circus skills.

Grace wants to join the circus too.

About to enter Tidmouth Sheds.

Liam with his favourite, Emily.

All aboard!

Mommy and Liam with Percy.

Listening to a story in the rain.

Holding hands.

Mom got a high five from the Fat Controller while Liam hid behind.

Eating a lunch outside in the cold.

Grace doing her best not to make a mess.

Grace walking around the train museum.

Liam loved the museum displays too.

Liam and Daddy with a Troublesome Truck.