Sunday, 27 July 2014

Grace is 20 Months!

Loving playing with the trains.

Snack time outside.

New Things I Can Do: I'm now only having one nap a day.  I love drinking milk from my Doidy cup.  I'm back to eating strawberries and blueberries. I let you know when I've done a poo. 

New Things I Can Say:  "Ready....Go!"  I can say my friend's names (Robert and Maya)--"Ro Ro and My."  I'm always talking to myself. 

Things That Make Me Laugh:  I like copying everything that Liam does. I like climbing on everything--the couch, etc. 

What I Like: I like going for bike rides at the back of Mommy or Daddy's bikes.  I love playing with my Teddies.  I like making Liam laugh. 
Grace carrying Teddy in the backpack.

Dangling at the park.

Climbing up onto the slide.

An evening at the park.

Dancing in the playroom.

Driving Teddy around.
Is the water warm enough yet?

Getting ready to go down the water slide.

Having a blast in the pool with Liam.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!
Proud to be half Canadian.

Making peanut butter cookies.

Letting 'em cool.

The patience was worth it...YUM!

Grace waving the maple leaf flag.


Happy Canada Day....but where's the parade they asked?!

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Grace is 19 Months!

New Things I Can Do:  I'm talking and walking more.  I still prefer to be in my buggy but Mommy, Daddy and Liam all try to get me to walk more.  I grab my spoon and try to feed myself my yoghurt and apple sauce.  I love racing from the toy boxes to the stairs.  I like dressing up in costumes.
New Things I Can Say:  I attempt to repeat everything you say.  Some of my favourite words are:  "That way" and " Marks, Get Set...Go!"
Things That Make Me Laugh:   Being chased up the stairs.  My feet are ticklish.  Throwing my food! 
What I Like:  I enjoy playing with lego and going for bike rides.  I still LOVE cats.  I like dressing Teddy up and feeding him.  I enjoy my 2 naps a day.  I like copying Liam.  

Nothing better than a cardboard box.

Two little musicians. 

Giving the "out" signal.

Big smile!

Ready for bed.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Grace is 18 Months!

Enjoying the sun with Liam.

New Things I Can Do:  I can go down the stairs but only like facing forward and sliding down.  I'm getting better at sorting shapes.   I'm very particular about things and can get upset if I don't get what I want.  I'm starting to try to climb up and look out the window.

New Things I Can Say:  I say "ee" for Liam.  I love repeating everything you say...I'm like a little parrot. 

Things that Make Me Laugh:  Being tickled under my chin.  Liam makes me laugh--we crack each other up! 

What I like:  I love going for bike rides with Daddy and going to the park on my trike.  I love singing/playing "sleeping bunnies."  I love, love, love animals (real and pretend)! 

Having a good belly laugh.

Sitting patiently.

I love playing "row, row, row your boat" with Liam.

Mommy cuddling me.

Sharing a laugh with Daddy.

My favourite book at the moment, "The Very Busy Spider."

Talking with Nana's Teddy.

Liver pate on crackers--one of the few things I eat.

My first bike ride with Daddy.

Fire chief Grace on the way!

My first bounce on a trampoline.

My new friend, Poppy....I was sharing my egg sandwich with her!

I love visiting my library every week.

Here I am with Liam at the RAF museum.

Loving my reflection.

At Isabella's birthday party.


Doing my best to get up the slide.

I love my bike!

All smiles at 1 and a half!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Grace is 17 Months!

I'm a real animal lover.
 New Things I Can Do:  I'm beginning to understand everything that is said around me.  I'm learning about boundaries--and can hold on to Mommy or Daddy's hand when walking on the side walk.  I also walked to Panshanger Park for the first time!  I can go down slides by myself, feet first.  I ride along on my zebra now.  I'm very good at putting away my shoes when I'm asked.  I can also put away books (when I'm inclined).  I baked muffins with Liam and Mommy for the first time.  I can climb up onto the ottoman--and onto some chairs by myself. 
New Things I Can Say:  I'm still saying Mommy and Dada all the time.  I'm trying to say Liam's name too.  I say NO when you give me something that I don't want....and more!  When you sing me a song that I like, I'll say "Gain" for again.
Things That Make Me Laugh: Playing hide and seek with Liam.  I love songs--and doing the actions to them.  Holding hands and dancing with Liam. 
How I Like To Play:  I like throwing my cubes everywhere--and other toys.  I love carrying books around with me and I'm always asking someone to read one to me.  I like playing with my lego and hiding the rabbits in the house.  I like giving cuddles to my favourite toys.  I'm trying to get at Liam's megasketcher so that I can draw too!

Liam likes trains--and so do I!

I look out the window for birds every day.

After being told to stay put, I'm trying my best.

Rolling around on my back.

At Jenny's with my favourite cat, Timmy.

Playing at the sea side.  Sand between my toes doesn't bother me.

After my walk to the park.